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ScienceNode Board
Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

The purpose of the ScienceNode Board is to set the editorial policy and supervise the delivery of an online publication that provides international coverage of distributed computing and the research it supports.

2. Composition

2.1 Structure

The Board is comprised of representatives involved in the delivery of the online publication. These are of three types:

  • Editorial Representatives – A voting member from organisations funding or hosting the editorial staff responsible for delivering the online publication. Allowed to vote on all decisions.
  • Contributing Representatives – A voting member from organisations supporting staff that commit to contributing material from a particular geographical or subject area. Voting is restricted to decisions relating to editorial or content related issues but they are able to engage in all discussions.
  • Observers – A non-voting members asked to provide the expertise on specific agenda items.

2.2 Members

The Board members will be selected from organisations representing:

  • European editorial representatives: 3 (EGI.eu, CERN, eScienceTalk project manager)
  • USA editorial representatives: 2 (OSG, FermiLab)
  • Asia-Pacific editorial representative: 1 (ASGC)
  • Permanent Observers: Employed editorial staff as required
  • Contributing representatives: Are approved by the Editorial representatives and are drawn from organisations that are seen by the Board as able to provide articles on particular subjects that will improve the appeal of the publication to the target audience. These organisations commit to providing articles at an agreed frequency which in return allows them through the Board to steer the editorial direction of the publication. Failure to meet the agreed article frequency could lead to the Editorial representatives ending their contributing representative role.

The representative must be named by the organisation. An alternative organisational representative may attend a meeting with the approval of the board. Additional observers may be invited to the meeting at the invitation of the Chair and with the approval of the Board.

2.3 Chair

A chair will be elected from within the Board for a duration of one year by a simple majority. The chair may stand again for election. A candidate for chair may not be self-nominated. The duties of the chair are to:

  • Call regular board meetings announcing the date at least two weeks in advance and circulating an agenda at least one week in advance. Extraordinary board meetings require at least 24 hrs notice and will generally have only a single item of business (e.g. disputed article)
  • Raise urgent issues by email in between regular meetings If, following discussion, no consensus opinion has emerged within the Board, a simple vote may be called to decide the issue or an extraordinary board meeting called for further discussion and resolution.

3. Responsibilities

The Board has several responsibilities:

  • To set the editorial policy and priorities of the publication needed to implement the purpose of the Board.
  • To review the material before online publication to ensure it complies with the editorial policies and priorities, and is factually correct. The review group may in addition to the board members include other members of their organisation.
  • To ensure that the publications retains a breadth of support and coverage within the community to promote its long-term sustainability.

Material for publication must be circulated at least 2 working days before publication. Any member of the review groups may request via email a hold on an article in the publication stating clearly their concerns with the material. If this issue is confirmed by two editorial Board members within 24hrs then the article will be removed from publication until the matter can be resolved and a substitute article inserted and the material recirculated for preview.

4. Meetings

The Board will meet regularly (at least once a quarter) by phone or through face to face meetings.

Minutes will be taken (by one of the permanent observers) and circulated by the Chair to the Board for approval within two weeks. Corrections to the minutes need to be provided by email within two weeks of being circulated. After that time the minutes will be accepted as a correct record of the meeting.

Quorum for meetings will be 4 out of the 7 Board members with at least two of these members being editorial representatives.

Decisions will be made by a simple majority of those present at the meeting. If a clear resolution is being presented for decision an absentee vote can be recorded.

Standing agenda items will include a report on readership and the articles provided by contributing representatives.

5. Amendments

Amendments to these terms of reference need a 2/3rds majority of the voting members 

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