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5th Future Internet Cluster Workshop with Special Focus on Future Network Architectures

5th Future Internet Cluster Workshop with Special Focus on Future Network Architectures (2nd Topic Workshop on Future Network Architectures)

Date: Tuesday June 14, 2011

Location: Warsaw, Poland (collated with FNMobile Summit)



In the recent years, several Future Internet initiatives have proposed views on what the architectures of the networks of the future could be. Recent concertation meetings were devoted to introduce the projects contributing to this domain as well as their own visions and roadmaps. These meetings were fruitful as facilitators for information exchange and for promoting synergies among the projects.

Since March 2010, the European Commission and the FP7 Network of Excellence “Euro-NF” have organised four Future Internet Cluster Workshops (FICWs) on specific topics with a broad potential impact for Europe, ranging from Future Network Architectures (First FICW) via mobility and security (Second FICW) to socio-economic aspects of Future Internet (Third FICW) and ICT and Sustainability (Fourth FICW).

The Fifth FICW on Future Network Architectures aims at an update and the discussion of the achievements of projects presented at the previous event as well as on the discussion of future work.

Technical Objectives

This Fifth Future Internet Cluster Workshop on June 14, 2011 will consist of one Session devoted to Future Internet architectures, specifically:

- Information-centric networking

- The role of virtualization in future network architectures

- Future Smart Connectivity, e.g.: seamless connectivity of fixed and mobile networks, network federation, smart multi-homing.

Organization of the workshops


The meeting will be structured as follows:

- A session will last one half-day and is composed of 2-4 presentations.

- In each session, the presentations will be followed by a significant amount of brainstorming on identification of key challenges :

1. possible methodologies to face these challenges;

2. possible synergies to establish among the projects and with other initiatives.

Call for Contributions


All the projects of the cluster are invited to submit a proposal for a presentation (maximum two pages) indicating:

- The content of the proposed presentation: the presentation should include a section on "what strategies and tactics your project recommends to pave the way towards the future applications, services and usages"

- The ongoing activities in the project related with the topic

- Existing collaborations with other projects and initiatives

- A self-assessment of the interest of the presentation for the meeting.

Contributions not connected to a specific project are also welcome, as long as they are within the scope.

Submission deadline (extended): May 9, 2011

Notification (expected): May 21, 2011

The proposals should be sent to the following mailbox:


With copy to: paulo.desousa@ec.europa.eu

Location and date


The Fifth FIWC will be organized as a half-day event on June 14, 2011 in Warszawa, Poland, collocated with the Future Network Summit. A detailed agenda will be provided once the presentations are selected.

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