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Biology Grid and Cloud Workshop, 29-30 March, Cambridge, UK

The EUIndiaGrid project, with support from the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre and the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute, invites applications to attend this free Biology Grid and Cloud workshop highlighting state-of-the-art developments in computational biology on the grid and the cloud, to be held 29th-30th March 2011, in Cambridge, UK.

Registration closes on Tuesday March 22nd; register for the workshop on 29th March; register for the Smoldyn tutorial on 30th March.

With the increased computational needs of modern biology for data analysis, searches and simulations, and a deceleration in the development of faster processors, linking computers in a virtual network of a grid or cloud provides a much-needed solution. The alternative solution of parallel computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) will also be covered. Our line-up of speakers includes experts on the technologies themselves, and those that have applied them to computational cell biology, neurobiology and gene regulation.

The workshop will start at 9am and end at 17:30, followed by a drinks reception.

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