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Call for Proposals for HPC access LinkSCEEM - CyTera Joint Call

Opening date: 1st December 2011
Closing date: 29th February 2012
Start date: 2nd May 2012
Type of access: Production access

LinkSCEEM aims at the establishment of a high performance computing (HPC) eco-system in the Eastern Mediterranean region by integrating and coordinating regional resources. The Cy-Tera facility is the first multi-Tflop/s HPC facility in Cyprus, serving the needs of the Cypriot scientific community by supporting applications in many fields of great scientific and/or societal importance. LinkSCEEM and CyTera invite scientists to their first joint call for production access to HPC resources.

This call invites applications for computing resources in order to carry out projects which have high scientific quality and impact. Allocation will be for 1 year starting from the 2nd of May 2012. This call runs in parallel to the rolling call for Preparatory Access.

The deadline for submission of proposals for the joint call is the 29th of February 2012. Applications will be subject to technical review and subsequently to a scientific review by domain experts.

Available resources:

Total number of core hours available (per year) for resources is roughly 14 million core hours and 300.000 GPU hours.

More details of the call for proposals can be found here. ( http://linksceem.eu/ls2/user-resources/how-to-apply/howto-apply-production.html )

Detailed guidelines for applicants can be found here. ( http://www.linksceem.eu/ls2/images/stories/uploads/LinkSCEEM-guidelines-for-applicants.pdf )

How to apply
Please submit applications via the online form.
( https://ssl.linklings.net/applications/linksceem )

Contact: Please direct inquiries to proposals-support@linksceem.eu

Please find all related material available for download at www.linksceem.eu

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