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CHAIN workshop on "Interoperation of eInfrastructures across EU and Asia"

A workshop on “e-Infrastructures Interoperation and Interoperability across Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region” was held during the ISGC conference co-located with the OGF 31 in Taipei, Taiwan. It reviewed the status of e-infrastructures in the Asia-Pacific area with respect to the European and worldwide context and discussed the perspectives and future actions.

Sponsored by CHAIN (Co-ordination and Harmonization of Advanced e-Infrastructures), an EC-funded support action started on last 1 December, it covered aspects spanning from communication network to middleware, along with applications aspects.

Among other projects, CHAIN conducts schools for gridsite administrators, and helps to identify communities that could become its main actors in proposing a reference model for Virtual Research Communities (VRC).

More information can be found here.

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