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Cloudscape V – Advanced Programme for Research & Scientific Communities

New developments and services for research and scientific communities are high on the agenda at Cloudscape V, 27-28 February 2013 at the International Auditorium in Brussels.

Sneak preview

Experts share their views on some of the Cloudscape topics that will help shape the cloud landscape in the years to come.
Jean-Pierre Laisné, Bull and leader of CompatibleOne: “Cloud Computing supplies the technical means for interconnecting the European people and their diverse cultures. This represents a unique opportunity for the European nations to create wealth together. The Cloudscape meetings provide an open forum to expose the stakes and issues such as interoperability, to make visible innovative solutions such as CompatibleOne, and to foster collaboration between industry and science, a key element in the development of a vibrant European cloud”.
Steven Newhouse, Director, EGI.eu & EGI-InSPIRE: “Cloudscape will once again provide an opportunity to hear how about the progress being made towards becoming cloud active - such as the activity taking place within EGI's federated cloud - by the active use of standards, broad support for diverse use cases, and by identifying and tackling critical policy challenges”.
David Wallom, Associate Director - Innovation, Oxford e-Research Centre: “The cloudscape meeting will showcase the on-going activities within the research, public sector and enterprise sectors with cloud development, adoption and give meaningful feedback to the community on the current leading-edge activities. This includes work within both the EC and internationally so the broadest forum to those that have interest in cloud and eInfrastructure”.
Paul Watson, Director of the Digital Institute, Newcastle University: “Cloud4Science initially focuses on dedicated services for the bioinformatics community. Its ultimate goal is to support a wider range of scientific communities as the natural first choice for scientific data curation, analysis and collaboration”.

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