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EGI Community Forum 2014 in Helsinki

The EGI Community Forum 2014 will take place from 19–23 May, in Helsinki, Finland.

Join the event that will bring together over 400 researchers, engineers, decision makers and IT people to discuss the use and the future of the computing infrastructure behind the discovery of the Higgs boson using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

"We warmly welcome the European and worldwide distributed computing community to Helsinki, a city right at the Baltic sea, which is at its most beautiful in May‐June", says Professor Kai Nordlund of the University of Helsinki.

The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) supports 22,000 researchers working in multi‐disciplinary science and delivers unprecedented data analysis capabilities to global collaborations.

The Forum will focus on the current and potential user communities that rely on EGI and will feature training events, demonstrations and a number of technical sessions and workshops. The discussions will help the community shape the future of EGI. Key themes will be science gateways and workflows, the services of the EGI Federated Cloud, the development of Virtual Research Environments, and the technical roadmap needed to implement an integrated pan‐European data infrastructure. The conference will also showcase how research infrastructures can make use of EGI grid and cloud solutions for data processing and management.

The Community Forum will take place at University of Helsinki’s main building in the heart of Helsinki.

"We are honoured to host this very important meeting at the University of Helsinki. Hosting the distributed computing community is very interesting for us, as our University and CSC have extensive activities in both Grid and Cloud computing", Professor Nordlund continues.

The EGI Community Forum is hosted by EGI.eu, the University of Helsinki, and CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

More information: Further details on the event including its programme, keynotes, technical sessions and workshops, will be added to the Forum’s frequently updated website:
. Registration starts on January, 13th 2014.

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