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EGI.eu and the University of Messina provided training on Europe's largest scientific federated Cloud at the Cloud Summerschool Almere

For the first time ever, students received practical training access to Europe's largest federated scientific Cloud. Tutors from the University of Messina at the Cloud Summerschool Almere provided practical examples on sensor Cloud computing. Students gained access to the EGI Federated Cloud and ran these examples on resource providers in the Czech Republic (CESnet) and in Spain (CESGA).

What made this first time experience challenging was that the secure production Cloud was used. So, instead of running on an artificial simplified local Cloud, the students ran their applications in a real secure federated Cloud environment. EGI.eu intends to use these experiences to set up a regular service to support Cloud summerschools and training sessions.

Responsible for the successful set-up and execution of the federated Cloud training sessions were Michel Drescher, Technical Manager at EGI.eu and Massimo Villari, professor at the University of Messina. Local support was provided by the Windesheim University and Genias Benelux.

Massimo Villari commented: "For us this is a step towards Cloud 2.0. where everything is much easier to set up."

Michel Drescher commented: "For EGI.eu this was a very good experience, getting out of our comfort zone and not only provide services to scientists, but also to tutors. I also learned a lot from working with the students that brought in some fresh ideas."

In a video-interview available on YouTube, Michel Drescher and Massimo Villari explain the challenges that had to be overcome to make this first lab session over a production federated cloud possible. Villarri said in the interview it was interesting for him to interact with EGI, as he is looking in new types of clouds. It is really important for students to put everything inside a real cloud and put together the concepts of EGI CLoud, federation and sensors. Michel Drescher said that the success was not only in EGI providing the infrastructure, but also in the contact with the students that nudge into fresh thinking.

The Cloud computing Summerschool Almere 2013 (http://cloudsummerschool.com) took place 22-26 July 2013 and was supported by the municipality of Almere and the Contrail project. It brought together students from all over the world an tutors from all over Europe.

The full link to the video interview is - http://youtu.be/Jll0ycWgH6w

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