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EMI 1 Kebnekaise released by EGI as UMD 1.0.0

Major products from EMI 1 Kebnekaise have been released by EGI as UMD 1.0.0.

A subset of EMI 1 Kebnekaise has been released by EGI as the first version of the Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD). UMD 1.0.0, released on 11th of July 2011, is a major milestone in providing a consistent platform for all users in the European Research Area to gain access to suitable and integrated computing resources.

EMI 1 Kebnekaise features for the first time a complete and consolidated set of middleware components from ARC, dCache, gLite and UNICORE. Following more closely standard packaging guidelines and policies defined by Fedora, EMI 1 Kebnekaise is available on Scientific Linux 5 64 bit from a single repository. Scientists and resource providers in Europe and beyond now only need to refer to one EMI repository and have a common support infrastructure, which previously have been managed and offered by separate providers. EMI 1 Kebnekaise introduces a number of changes and new functionality in response to user requirements in the areas of security, compute, data and information systems.

The release of EMI products in UMD 1.0.0 is a significant success for EMI, confirming its role as the main technology provider for the largest distributed computing infrastructure in Europe.

- EMI Project Office

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