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EMI 3 Monte Bianco Release

The EMI project is pleased to announce the availability of the EMI 3 (Monte Bianco) release.

This release is the third EMI major release and brings new important services, like STS, the final implementation of common specifications and standards, like EMI-ES, GLUE2 and StAR, wider integration with the CANL library, and many enhancements and bug fixes.

All services are available for Scientific Linux 5 64 bit and Scientific Linux 6 64 bit. A subset of services is also available for Debian 6 64bit and more will be released in the future. All packages can be found at http://emisoft.web.cern.ch/emisoft .

Several packages are also directly available from EPEL and Debian. Source RPMS and Debian source packages are available in the repository. All packages follow open source policies and can be rebuilt with standard tools like mock and pbuilder, therefore contributions and fixes are always welcome.

One of the major goals of EMI is to create a true open source community around our software. As the EMI project gets to its conclusion in April 2013, we are building a longer-term collaboration that will strive to support and innovate even more the EMI services. Monte Bianco will be supported by the EMI Product Teams and the EMI collaboration at least for 12 months until the end of April 2014.

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