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EMI has a new e-infrastructure client: iMarine

In January 2012, EMI [1][2] has formalized in an MoU its technical and strategic partnership with iMarine [3] to support the creation of an open data e-infrastructure for fisheries management and conservation of marine living resources. EMI, the leading provider of open middleware products in Europe, is deployed in several e-infrastructures, including EGI [4], the largest in Europe. iMarine makes use of and extends the data infrastructures deployed and maintained by the D4Science initiative [5]. It adopts EMI services through their exploitation within iMarine’s gCube software [6].

gCube is an enabling framework for creating virtual transient environments to support the computing and research needs of its scientific users. It is a user-facing utility exploiting the compute and storage capabilities of distributed resources on grid and cloud systems. gCube is already leveraging computing, virtual organization management and disk pool management services from EMI, integrated during D4Science II [7], and will continue to do so with the most recent updates of EMI 1 Kebnekaise and upcoming releases EMI 2 Matterhorn and EMI 3 Monte Bianco. gCube will investigate other EMI offerings, for instance, the suitability of EMI’s File Transfer Service and enhancements to it that may be needed to meet its data transfer needs.

In support of iMarine’s testing and adoption of EMI services, iMarine will have access to pre-production releases and EMI testbeds. This in turn produces invaluable early iMarine feedback that helps in improving the quality of EMI software. Beyond middleware services, EMI is also offering its build services and associated infrastructure to iMarine, an essential platform for building and testing its gCube software.

“Marine life plays a vital role in the well being of humanity and the entire Earth ecosystem. Wise and judicious management of all relevant resources is of paramount importance to ensure biodiversity in the oceans of the world remains rich and all forms of marine life remain sustainable at the necessary levels. [8].” As EMI continues to improve and deliver quality software and iMarine provides a user-facing platform for marine living management, this alliance could be a small ‘technical’ step in turning this idea into a reality.

EMI Project Office: emi-po@cern.ch
iMarine Quality Assurance Task Force: qatf@imarine.research-infrastructures.eu

[1] EMI http://eu-emi.eu
[2] EMI Repository http://emisoft.web.cern.ch/emisoft
[3] iMarine http://www.i-marine.eu
[4] EGI http://www.egi.eu
[5] D4Science Initiative http://www.d4science.org
[6] gCube Framework http://www.gcube-system.org
[7] D4Science II http://www.d4science.eu
[8] iMarine Description of Work

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