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eResearch NZ 2014 - Keynote Speaker Announced

eResearch NZ 2104 Bryan Lawrence – Keynote Speaker

eResearch New Zealand welcomes one of the world’s leading experts in climate modelling to discuss the grand challenges of climate science, which lead to requirements for national and internationally integrated e-infrastructures across computing, data, networks, software and people.

Professor Bryan Lawrence has accepted an invitation to be a keynote speaker at eResearch NZ 2014. Bryan’s keynote will be titled “The road to exascale for climate science: crossing borders or crossing disciplines, can one do both at the same time?” He has 25 years’ of experience in both atmospheric sciences and computational sciences, having been principal investigator or co-investigator on many projects.

This talk will set the scene for a New Zealand conference that advances shared approaches to enabling research: eResearch NZ 2014. The conference brings together researchers with those enabling research through information technologies, helping researchers make sense of the challenging array of reseach computing, data, and software. The event is being held in Hamilton at the University of Waikato between 30 June – 2 July 2014.

Professor Bryan Lawrence is involved in establishing UK and European strategies for climate modelling and data handling, and directs the global centre for climate data that underpins the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report series. Bryan holds a chair in Weather and Climate Computing at the University of Reading, and is currently the Director of the Models and Data Division of the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Director of the Centre for Environmental Data Archival (CEDA) for the UK Science and Facilities Research Council (STFC).

Bryan grew up in Napier, before completing his bachelors and doctoral degrees at the University of Canterbury. After his doctorate, he spent time at the University of Oxford in a variety of roles and had a period back at the University of Canterbury as an academic. In recent times, he has returned to the UK for a slower pace of life. He still supports Canterbury Crusaders, the All Blacks and the Black Caps.

eResearch NZ 2014

eResearch NZ, as a national forum for discussion, aims to:

Promote shared approaches to supporting eResearch needs, across institutions and disciplines

Highlight current and emerging research priorities and discuss how eResearch can enable Research, including by drawing on experience from other regions where similar activities are further progressed and where these initiatives might translate to meet NZ research needs

Share work in progress and outcomes from projects and programmes employing related technologies, platforms, and approaches.

For more information about the eResearch NZ 2014 Symposium, please visit the website at http://ernz2014.eresearch.org.nz/

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