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EUBrazil Cloud Connect: a federated e-Infrastructure for cross-border science

EUBrazil Cloud Connect: a federated e-Infrastructure for cross-border science
Tackling societal challenges in the cloud
Press release 14/04/2014

EUBrazil Cloud Connect is a new international co-operation project aimed at accelerating scientific discovery to advance knowledge on several challenges of high social impact. By creating a joint cloud infrastructure, EUBrazil Cloud Connect will enable a multi-disciplinary user community to co-operate across borders at many different levels: cloud and HPC-based infrastructures, resource federation, programming models, application development, usage by research and public institutions, and ultimately, wider uptake of sustainable services and tools.
Three core use cases are the drivers behind this collaborative work: Leishmaniasis, vascular health and climate change. “None of the 3 use cases would be possible without co-operation between Brazil and Europe and without integrating computing and data resources based on a user-centric approach” says Ignacio Blanquer from Valencia University of Technology, European coordinator of the project.

Leishmaniasis Virtual Laboratory - to help in Surveillance. Every year 1.5-2 million new cases of Leishmaniasis occur. Cloud Connect will tackle this challenge by improving knowledge on the susceptibility, enabling public health workers and researchers to access and supply relevant and in-depth information or data on the parasite and vector responsible for leishmaniasis. More effective control of neglected tropical diseases like Leishmaniasis is vital to achieving poverty reduction and spurring social-economic development without waiting for countries to fully develop and living conditions to improve over a potentially long period of time.

Whole Vascular System Simulation - A Pureblood simulator. Cardiovascular diseases have a huge impact on population, particularly people with a low- and middle-income. Simulating a heartbeat is a complex, multi-scale problem. Cloud Connect aims to achieve an important advance in the exploitation of high-level heart simulation data in the context of the Virtual Physiological Human. EUBrazil Cloud Connect will link trans-national heterogeneous (both supercomputers and cloud clusters) resources to link to simulators on the state of the art: an arterial vascular system simulator (ADAN) with a multi-model heart simulator (Alya).

Biodiversity & Climate Change - Analysis to support policy making. It is vital to understand the mutual interaction at a global scale between climate change & biodiversity dynamics. Cloud Connect is focused on generating new knowledge on cross-relations between climate change and plant terrestrial biodiversity through the use of Earth observation and ground level data together with simulated data.

An innovative approach to cloud federation
One of the innovative aspects of EUBrazil Cloud Connect is the introduction of a new business model based on the bartering of resources. “Part of the EUBrazil Cloud Connect federation will be built with the idea to put time-dependent surplus resources in a pool where members of the federation can explore and exchange these resources and better attend the user demand when their peak loads cannot be served locally” explains Francisco Brasileiro from the Federal University of Campina Grande, the Brazilian coordinator of EUBrazil Cloud Connect.

Cloudscape Brazil workshop series
EUBrazil Cloud Connect is taking the highly successful European Cloudscape series to Brazil in 2014 and 2015. Cloudscape Brazil 2014 takes place in October in conjunction with the 10th IEEE eScience Conference in Guarujá, SP. The workshop fosters collaboration between European and Brazilian organisations from the public and private sector to advance the provisioning and usage of cloud resources and services. It features scientific and start-up success stories, innovative business models, and federation schemas, among other hot topics. It also offers a key opportunity to identify ways in which Europe and Brazil can mutually benefit from collaboration on cloud computing, including future funding programmes.

About EUBrazil Cloud Connect
EUBrazil Cloud Connect has received funding through the second EU-Brazil coordinated call. It builds on the success stories of earlier initiatives like JiT Clouds, SINAPAD, VENUS-C, EUBrazilOpenBio and MyScientific Cloud.

EUBrazil Cloud Connect (2014-2016)



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