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European Globus Community meets at Garching

As one of the most widespread solutions for building grids in the world, Globus Toolkit enjoys wide coverage in Europe and thus, future development needs to be shaped towards European requirements. To facilitate this through a strong European community, the European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) will hold its first meeting in Garching near Munich, Germany, on May 18th and 19th, 2011. This organizational platform is part of the community building effort within the Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) project and aims to coordinate the European Globus users and developers. This way Europe will be able to speak with a single voice towards the Globus core development teams and play a strong role in the world wide Globus community.

The event will give interested Globus users and developers the chance not only to learn about the state of the union of the Globus software stack and how the IGE project can help scientists to leverage resources of the European distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) for their research, but also gives a unique opportunity to actively participate in the building of the Globus community in Europe. Participation of Globus experts and other European Globus users and developers ensures a great way of getting to know each other and to learn how colleagues employ Globus to advance their science projects.

Moreover, the EGCF is an integral part of the IGE project, which coordinates the support for Globus in Europe — this way, the voice of the users will be heard not only in the project itself, but also amplified towards the Globus developer team in the United States. As such, it provides a great opportunity to bring in a community-centric, science-biased view into the Globus view by providing requirements, requesting features, and discussing best practices.

"The European Globus Community Forum gives the communities in Europe a powerful means of bringing requirements to Globus development in a coordinated way. For the first time, the efforts for advancing one of the most popular eScience tools can be voiced with the appropriate strength through an established channel towards the U.S. based development team in a single, coherent way. This is an opportunity users and developers in Europe shouldn't miss." - Alexander Papaspyrou, Dissemination Manager at the IGE project.

Highlights at the EGCF will be keynote presentations by Steve Tuecke, CTO of the Globus family of products, on the brand-new Globus Online file transfer “no software” (SaaS) solution, and Steven Newhouse, Director of the European Grid Initiative, on the future paths in Distributed Computing Infrastructures. Moreover, the event will consist of workshops and discussions regarding the steps IGE has taken for the European communities already. The most important part of the meeting will be the constitution of the EGCF as a formal body within the IGE project, and the election of a speaker for the EGCF who will actively participate in the IGE Advisory Board to bring in European users’ and developers’ requirements more efficiently.

Register today and find more information on the event, its agenda, and the EGCF as a body for Globus customers in general.

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