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European Network of National Contact Points for Research Infrastructures moving forward

EuroRIs-Net+ builds on the Network of National Contact Points for the Research Infrastructures programme (RIs NCPs) to provide value-added services, which will facilitate transnational cooperation of NCPs, promoting the effective implementation of the RI programme, highlighting opportunities offered by Research Infrastructures - at the European and international level - and their impact on e-science.

The newly developed services are available to our clients (RI scientific communities, industry and public stakeholders) at the project web site: http://www.euroris-net.eu/ and includes:

RI Knowledge Repository

The Network is developing observatory functions for EC and national Research Infrastructures policies, programmes and initiatives, supported by an efficient dialogue scheme for RI NCPs with the RI ecosystem and a sustainable and comprehensive RI Knowledge Repository. The repository is currently being structured and build-up and will be available online at the second semester of 2012.

Stakeholders Forum

The Forum which is an interactive platform for communication among the Network, EC, RI policy bodies and RI stakeholders will constructively support policy design, through a dialogue - among RI ecosystem “actors” - which will facilitate diffusion of RI policy bodies’ recommendations to the relevant public authorities and, vice-versa, will permit collection and analysis of integrated data on countries’ participation in Research Infrastructures, to support, wherever possible, their integration within the ERA.

Transnational Access Opportunities

Through this section, RI projects offering transnational access opportunities are presented (both I3 projects and e-infrastructures). The project team aims to offer the most up-to-date information on the opportunities offered through the existing infrastructures of pan-European interest, through constant communication with the relevant infrastructures and the RI operators.

RI Policy news

This section covers RI Policy news, coming mainly from the RI policy bodies (e.g. ESFRI, e-IRG etc.)

RI Events Calendar

Information on most important forthcoming RI events could be found here.


The project EuroRIs-Net+ and its services will be presented at several international events to raise the profile and impact of the Research Infrastructure Programme of FP7. EuroRIs-Net+ representatives will provide information on the project services at the European Commission stand at ICRI 2012 (21 – 23 March 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark). A EuroRIs-Net+ booth will be organised also in EGI Community Forum 2012 (26-30 March 2012, Munich, Germany).

Our project will also focus on the links of Research Infrastructures and Industry, through participation at the Industrial Technology 2012 event in Aarhus, Denmark, 19-21 June 2012 - http://industrialtechnologies2012.eu/event/. The agenda covering a wide range of research topics, includes an exhibition of enabling technology providers, research organizations and projects; a full day matchmaking event to build contacts for research collaboration and technology commercialization; three conference plenary with high profile international speakers from industry, government and research to discuss visions for European research and industry in 2020.

Visit our stand and you will learn more about our services for effective implementation of the RI programme.

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