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Final SUCRE workshop on cloud computing

Announcing the final SUCRE workshop about Cloud Computing: Key Trends, Market Opportunities
and Impact in Societal Needs and Economic Growth
Cloud computing and open source software are considered major enablers for innovation in ICT, and
are increasingly gaining momentum. To this end, several cloud computing projects and cloud
computing services have been funded by the EC and by other Institutions all over the world.
These massive investments are leading to business models rapidly evolved to harness this technology
by providing software applications, programming platforms, data-storage, computing infrastructure
and other hardware as services.
In the context of all the flourishing activities around cloud computing, the SUCRE Team is pleased to
announce its final event. Jointly organised by the SUCRE, CloudCatalyst, OCEAN and CloudforEurope EU co-funded projects, this workshop will be held within the Class ’14 conference in Bled, Slovenia on September the 26th 2014. Its aim is to present cloud computing in a holistic way, elaborate its applicability for research and science, investigate related policy aspects and hopefully support the delivery of policy recommendations to the research community.
Moreover, the event will examine how Open Clouds can serve –or are already serving– the societal
needs across Europe, and will have a strong focus on their uptake by key European sectors, such as
public administration and the healthcare industry, these being the focus and expertise fields of both
the CloudforEurope and SUCRE projects. Key discussions and presentations will also revolve around
horizontal issues such as security, interoperability, trust and privacy. In the same context, the
workshop will also serve as a vehicle to deliver interesting opportunities to the new generation of
European business startups and SMEs.
For further information and to register please visit

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