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FP7 project SCI-BUS searches for subcontractors

The SCI-BUS (Scientific gateway Based User Support) project is looking for six subcontractors. The subcontractors are expected to bring in new user communities preferably with an application area and segment of community which is not yet covered by any project consortium member. The task of subcontractors will be to develop their application-specific gateways and to contribute to the dissemination of the SCI-BUS technology through their user communities.

The SCI-BUS project

SCI-BUS is a project that aims to create a generic-purpose gateway technology as a toolset to provide seamless access to major computing, data and networking infrastructures and services in Europe including clusters, supercomputers, grids, desktop grids, academic and commercial clouds. SCI-BUS will elaborate an application-specific gateway building technology and customisation methodology based on which user communities can easily develop their own customised gateways.

SCI-BUS will use the gateway technology and customization methodology to create 11 application-specific gateways customized for various types of user communities (represented in the project) and to provide gateway services for these communities including astrophysics, seismology, helio-physics, bio-science, computational chemistry, biomedical communities, PireGrid SMEs community, Blender community, citizens'web-2 community, DCI application developer community or business process modeling community.

SCI-BUS aims to:

Objectives and expectations towards subcontractors

We are looking for organizations whose communities need a Science gateway to access DCI resources in a convenient and transparent way, that are willing to work with the widely utilized Liferay based WS-PGRADE/gUSE portal that enables customization to the needs of each community.

Submission deadline: 29 February, 2012

For more information visit the website: http://www.sci-bus.eu/subcontractors

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