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II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in ICT - EUBR 2014

EUBrazil Cloud Connect project (www.eubrazilcloudconnect.eu) will be part of the “EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT - Coordinated Calls” session of the II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - EUBR 2014 workshop that will be held in Brasilia on 28 and 29 July.
As one of the approved projects of the second EU-Brazil Coordinated Call in the area of ICT, EUBrazil Cloud Connect will has been asked to present the its objectives and workplan during the session and in the Exhibition area (more here).
EUBR 2014, is supported by the SBC, the SEPIN / MCTI of Brazil, the Ministy of Foreign Affairs (MBR), the European Union Delegation in Brasilia and the DG Connect Unit of the European Comission. It will be held during de XXXIV CSBC - Congress of the Computer Science Society, which is the major conference in Computer Science in Brazil, on July 28th and July 29th, in Brasilia-DF.
EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT - Coordinated Calls
Room: Brasil 1 09:00-13:15 and 17:00-19:00
Agenda: http://csbc2014.cic.unb.br/index.php/eubr-2014

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