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Interoperability Demo Days hosted at the UCC 2014 conference

Location: London, UK
Dates: 4-12 Dec 2014
Event information and registration: http://www.cloudplugfest.org/events/december-2014-interop-event

The CloudWATCH consortium is organizing an Interoperability Demo Day at the UCC 2014 conference. The event is co-organized with the Cloud Interoperability Council.

Support for bespoke publicly defined cloud standards, such as OCCI, CDMI, OVF, TOSCA CAMP, is growing as people realize the value of interoperability as a way of empowering end-users and avoiding vendor-lock-in.

Standards very often support multiple use cases in their specification texts, which can lead to ambiguity and a lack of real interoperability across different interfaces. Ambiguity is a fundamental challenge for interoperable standards and key to maximizing interoperability. A profile on a standard clarifies in an unambiguous way how a standard has to be interpreted, explaining how to implement it based on your specific use case.

This event will be an opportunity for:

A. Projects to demonstrate to a wide audience interoperable cloud solutions that directly support the EC Digital Agenda (e.g. avoiding vendor lock-in using open standards)

B. Cloud service consumers, such as public administration, academia, and SMEs (who account for more than 90% of the GDP across Europe!), to procure cloud services in a shared economy model while avoiding vendor lock-in,

C. Technology providers to (re-)assess their technical compliance with open cloud standards, and technical interoperability, and

D. Standards development organizations to elicit information about implementations clustered around similar use cases for the purpose of producing profiles on cloud standards where required.

Technical sponsorship will be provided through organizations such as (in no particular order) OGF, SNIA, DMTF, ETSI and others. Financial sponsors are contributing towards our aim of providing the event on Friday (see below) at a very low cost or for free if possible. If you would like to become a sponsor do not hesitate to contact us at planners@cloudplugfest.org.

The provisional program for the Interoperability Demo Days includes:

· Virtual Cloud plugfest week, from 4 December to Wed 10 December 2014 - free participation

· A 2-day Interoperability Demo Days event

o First day: Thu 11 December; free of charge for registered UCC 2014 conference participants; large conference audience expected (see below)

o Second day: Fri 12 December; requires a registration fee (at most 75 GBP) but no need register for UCC 2014; lower audience expected compared to Thursday.

· All interoperability demonstrations will be recorded and published on CloudWatchHub.eu and Primeur Magazine

· Demonstrators will be interviewed on site; interviews will be published through same press and media channels.

If you are interested in contributing a demonstration and be interviewed at this event, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience through planners@cloudplugfest.org - available demonstration slots are limited!

Contact: planners@cloudplugfest.org


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