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Networking at ISC

In less than 4 days, we will be closing for holidays and when we return to business, we will be looking forward to a more successful and rewarding year in 2012.

Reflecting back on the last twelve months the key word that springs to mind is networking—not the infrastructure but the personal connections that create such a strong global HPC community. Close to 2,200 of you gathered at ISC’11 in Hamburg last June and almost half a year later, an even bigger crowd was at SC11 in Seattle.

Our next conference – ISC’12 – will take place June 17 – 21, 2012. We expect around 2,400 attendees to gather in Hamburg for our fourth year in this city. This event will offer you great opportunities to talk to your peers from around the world (who face the exact same challenges as you do), and the chance to meet the people and companies behind interesting supercomputing projects and products. ISC’12 will attract more attendees and bring you more exhibitors from all areas of HPC, which means you will be returning home with an even richer set of resources.

To give you the chance to get in touch with what’s happening globally and to gain insights from HPC researchers from academia and industry, we will feature a quality technical program filled with four Keynotes and 28 Invited Sessions! The complete program will be available early next year.

For the very first time, the next ISC will offer you daily lively discussions hosted by leading figures in HPC, in front of a large audience. Apart from that, the pre-conference program will consist of various tutorial sessions and workshops. We believe this combination will help our attendees return home with new ideas, information and enthusiasm.

We look forward to (re)connecting with you!

Best regards,

The ISC Team

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