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Anwar Osseyran and Merle E. Giles along with 11 leading experts from different industries and countries supply computer engineers and researchers with a state-of-the-art supercomputing reference.

CRC Press’s latest publication,Industrial Applications of High-Performance Computing: Best Global Practicesoffers a global overview of high-performance computing (HPC) for industrial applications, along with a discussion of software challenges, business models, access models (e.g., cloud computing), public-private partnerships, simulation and modeling, visualization, big data analysis, and governmental and industrial influence.

"This book gives a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the rapidly expanding field of the industrial use of supercomputers. It is just a pleasure reading through informative country reports and in-depth case studies contributed by leading researchers in the field."
—Jysoo Lee, Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

Featuring the contributions of leading experts from 11 different countries, this authoritative book:

"From telescopes to microscopes, from vacuums to hyperbaric chambers, from sonar waves to laser beams, scientists have perpetually strived to apply technology and invention to new frontiers of scientific advancement. Along the way, they have used abacuses, slide rules, calculators, computers, and—today—supercomputers, to crunch the increasingly complicated calculations used to understand and predict natural phenomena. In the course of practicality, science begets engineering, and engineering begets innovation. Science, and therefore supercomputing, finds its way into industry around the world, affecting our lives in ways that are simple (cleaner clothes, faster speedboats, and more spin on a seven-iron) and profound (fewer drug interactions, safer cars, and new energy sources). Altogether, industry consumes more than half of all high performance computing usage worldwide. This book tells that story."
—Addison Snell, CEO, Intersect360 Research

Industrial Applications of High-Performance Computing: Best Global Practicessupplies computer engineers and researchers with a state-of-the-art supercomputing reference. This book also keeps policymakers and industrial decision-makers informed about the economic impact of these powerful technological investments.

About CRC Press: CRC Press is a premier publisher of scientific, technology and medical resources, reaching around the globe to collect essential reference material and the latest advances and making them available to researchers, academics, professionals and students in a variety of accessible formats. CRC Press is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business. For more information, visit www.crcpress.com.

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