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One week left to register to the CERN School of Computing 2013

Beware: the registration to CSC2013 will close the 1st of May as planned. Register now!

CSC2013will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus from 19 to 30 August.

The school will cover three main themes: Data Technologies, Base Technologies and Physics Computing. In particular, it will address:

The CSC is a true Summer University. The focus is on delivering academic knowledge rather than know-how, which can be better achieved through training at home institutes.

Students can take a final exam. Successful participants will receive the highly recognized CSC Diploma as well as formal European Certificates of Credits (ECTS) awarded by University of Cyprus.

Networking and socialization is the other goal of CSCs. One vehicle for social networking is the CSC Sport Programme which proposes two to three hours of sport every afternoon to those who are interested.

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