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Pegasus 4.0 released

This is a major release of Pegasus that introduces new advanced data handling capabilities, and contains improved support for running workflows in non-shared filesystem scenarios such as clouds and Condor pools. Pegasus now optionally separates the data staging site from the workflow execution site for more flexible data management. A new feature is PegasusLite - an autonomous lightweight execution environment to manage jobs on the compute nodes and handles data movement to/from such jobs against the workflow staging site. The RPM and Debian packages conform to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

A complete list of new features is documented in the release notes at

The user guide is now available online at

The new version of Pegasus can be downloaded from the Pegasus Website or the apt/yum repositories

Downloads Page

For users using Pegasus 3.1.x, a migration guide can be found online at

The Pegasus VM Tutorial will has been updated and is available at the downloads page

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