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PRACE Annual Report 2012

The PRACE Annual Report 2012 is now available for download and online reading


Table of Contents



· PRACE Scientific Case - Key Recommendations

· New Machines

· Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)

· PRACE Campus Schools

· Preparatory Access with User Support (Type C)


· Catherine Rivière

· Robert Madelin

From the desk of

· Scientific Steering Committee

· User Forum

Success Stories

· Cryptography: Making elliptic communication cryptic

· Exploring the properties of supernovae through 3D simulation

· Modeling gravitational wave signals from black hole binaries

· Increasing the fidelity of global climate solutions through massive HPC simulations

· Examining branch point polymer motion in designing new materials

· Optimising the combustion dynamics of trancritical flames

· Developing innovative catalysts for storing solar energy

Peer Review Process

PRACE Project Outcomes


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