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Register for the ER-Flow Application Porting Workshop (Free at the University of Westminster, London)

The European ER-flow project organises an Application Porting Workshop between 19-22 March at the University of Westminster, London, UK.

The workshop brings together the representatives of scientific communities, scientific projects with workflow experts from ER-flow and SHIWA to experiment with services of the SHIWA Simulation Platform, and to actually port workflow applications to European e-infrastructures with the platform during the event.

The 'applications porting sessions' on the second and third days of the workshop will focus on those scientific applications that participants bring to the event. Groups will be formed from the attendees to work on the applications. Each group will include 'application specialists' and 'workflow experts' to ensure that the group understands the application and knows the ER-flow/SHIWA tools.

The workshop is open to any interested communities without any registration fee. To register to the event please contact the organisers, Gabor Terstyanszky (G.Z.Terstyanszky@westminster.ac.uk) or me.

For more information please visit the event's webpage at http://www.erflow.eu/19-22-march-2013-application-porting-workshop

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