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Release of the fifth issue of the MED-Dialogue project e-Newsletter!

The MED-Dialogue project is very pleased to announce the release of its e-Newsletter Issue #5. Download the MED-Dialogue e-Newsletter issue #5.

Issue #5 focuses on presenting the MED-Dialogue achievements and results during the fifth quarter of the project.

In this rich fourth issue, readers are informed about:

The workshop, which was organized in the sidelines of Innovation Week (2-5 March 2015), was attended by 22 participants, representing 13 CSA projects and covering various Research and Innovation objectives, aimed at reinforcing the close EU-MEDA cooperation and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. More in the Newsletter

The major topic event was the development of actions and roadmap for an implementation of the Tunisian national strategy in digital health and the definition of a vision on Tunisian e-health in ten years from today (2025). More in the Newsletter

The MED-Dialogue project is an initiative running for 30 months aiming mainly at enhancing EU-MPC (European Union – Mediterranean Partner Countries) policy dialogue and collaborative research in the field of ICT (Information Communication Technologies).

Find out more about the MED-Dialogue project and join the project on Twitter @MED_Dialogue!

Download the MED-Dialogue e-Newsletter issue #5.

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