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"Role of e-infrastructures for Climate Change Research" Trieste, Italy, 16 - 20 May 2011

Climate change is a worldwide concern and climate change studies are among the priorities in Worldwide research programs. These studies are highly demanding in terms of computing power and treatment of large data sets. E-Infrastructures offer effective solutions for large scale data challenges and represent an innovative and unique approach to address the complexity of climate change modeling and adaptation/mitigation policies.
This International Conference is the perfect opportunity for policy makers, climate change scientists and e-Infrastructure experts to review the state of the art and explore the opportunities and benefits that e-Infrastructures can offer for the purposes of climate change research from the global to the regional scales.
The event is organized by The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, and co-sponsored by EUIG2, EUMEDGRID SUPPORT, CHAIN and INFN.

Benefits of Exhibiting

The Exhibition offers a prime opportunity to showcase leading technologies to advance climate research and studies to a receptive audience of users, newcomers and policy makers from across the globe. The Exhibition is open to academic sectors, EC-funded projects, companies and SMEs, which can benefit from ample opportunities to deliberate top priorities for climate change and network with an international audience.
Exhibitors will have the opportunity to:
  • Network with targeted audience of over 200 academia, science and technical leaders, researchers and users from around the world.
  • Showcase cutting-edge technology and success stories to an international audience in the Exhibition area.
  • Present national or international initiatives for co-operation on cloud and e-Infrastructures with special focus on their possible application on climate change study and management.
  • Demonstrate business and research achievements through funded projects or independently developed solutions.
Special guest of the conference will be Dr. R. Chidambaram, Homi Bhabha Professor, and internationally renowned Nuclear Physics Scientist who is currently the Principal Scientific Adviser of the Government of India and member of the Indian Government Cabinet.
Professors and Directors of science departments from prominent institutions will attend the Conference, too.
Fore more information about the event and the exhibition opportunities visit the Conference website.

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