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Save your place at Cloudscape Brazil, 20 October 2014, Rio de Janeiro

Cloudscape Brazil, 20 October 2014, Rio de Janeiro.
Creating opportunities for new markets from e-infrastructure

Cloudscape Brazil workshops are conceived to foster the collaboration between European and Brazilian institutions to advance on the provisioning and usage of cloud resources and infrastructures in both academy and industry. Cloudscape Brazil, 20 October 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, is all about riding the wave of innovation enabled by e-infrastructure by boosting co-operation between the scientific and business communities.

Virtualized resource federation

Public sector organisations have much to gain from e-infrastructures, which enable more efficient resource provisioning than traditional methods. They also play a key role in tackling global societal challenges, from improving knowledge on climate change and biodiversity and neglected diseases like Leishmaniasis to complex, multi-scale heartbeat simulations. Cloudscape Brazil will be looking at how we can best meet user requirements and build up the user base so we fully realise the benefits of e-infrastructure.

From Research to Market

Competitive sustainability is one of the main themes of Cloudscape Brazil, exploring strategies for the exploitation of data and new scientific discoveries by businesses, universities and public service providers. Spin-outs and start-ups are among the biggest beneficiaries of new markets for big data analytics and research outputs. Much of the future belongs to companies and people that turn data into products. Technology is high on the agenda of both the Brazilian government and the European Union. Both are investing significantly in start-up programmes, through StartUp Brazil and Startup Europe. This is why Cloudscape Brazil features a session showcasing companies that have transformed outstanding research results into innovative products and services.

Cloud Computing hot topics, in Europe as well as in Brazil

While cloud computing is becoming mainstream in some countries, several barriers stand in the way to much wider adoption. Cloudscape Brazil takes a practical look at some of the major barriers to the adoption of cloud computing. Insights and practical tips come from a panel of international experts in privacy, security, contractual and data protection issues, which are bound to remain hot topics for both Brazil and Europe in the foreseeable future.
About Cloudscape Brazil 2014
20th October 2014
Auditorium Prédio RDC (Computer Science Department)
A Social event will take place after the workshop at Prédio Pe. Laércio Dias de Moura (Tecgraf/PUC-Rio Institute), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
The workshop is free of charge, registration is required.

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