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Scientists, universities, IT engineers, researchers, RENs, policy makers, donors...iMENTORS is for you

iMENTORS is a web-based platform aiming at enhancing the coordination, impact and sustainability of international initiatives on ICT in Africa. It is the only platform of its kind with the aim of providing such comprehensive insights on past and on-going ICT4D projects across such geographical scope, in tandem with providing networking functionalities to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and improve the coordination of international cooperation in this field.
With iMENTORS, different groups of stakeholders can easily identify other ICT4D projects complementing their own initiatives and opportunities to plan new e-infrastructure development projects. iMENTORS enables organisations to connect with each other, share resources more efficiently and link ICT4D project proposals to past or on-going projects. The impact assessment module assists users to assess how well a project has been implemented and what impact it had. The Decision-support component helps raise the visibility of high impact projects, and increases their prospects for sustainability as well as their synergetic potential.

The collection of data for the iMENTORS database is currently focused on donor databases and international submarine cable networks.

Nearly 2000 organizations involved in ICT projects are already mapped and recorded in the iMENTORS database which launched the beta version in July. Users can easily sign in using their LinkedIn credentials, put their projects on the map and increase their project’s visibility. The aim is for the platform to contain 80 percent of e-infrastructure projects/investment frameworks by the end of the project using an advanced geographic information and visualization system.

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