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StratusLab v0.3 released

The StratusLab project has released version 0.3 of its cloud computing distribution which aims to provide a full cloud solution for grid and cluster computing.
This release contains a number of features to enhance security and robustness, including new authentication mechanisms, additional logging and monitoring, automatic quarantining of virtual machine images after shut-down, and site-administrator-defined virtual machine policies, as well as the ability to create custom machine images by extending existing machine images for later reuse.
Release 0.3 also contains new a number of predefined grid virtual appliances which are now available for download from the StratusLab Appliance Repository to create your own grid sites in the cloud.
StratusLab 0.3 includes OpenNebula 2.2 with enhancements to address the requirements of the StratusLab project, such as integration with Ganglia, fault tolerance functionality, and virtual network improvements. Future versions of StratusLab will leverage these features.
A prototype of the StratusLab Marketplace is also now available. The Marketplace will be a one-stop-shop for all your cloud VM images. StratusLab 0.3 contains the tools to interact with the preview reference deployment of the Marketplace, allowing users to search, sign and endorse cloud virtual appliances, and administrators to define policies for trusting third-party appliances.
Download information and full documentation for this release is available on the StratusLab website.
If you would like to try out the software without installing it locally, you can access the StratusLab reference installation.

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