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StratusLab version 1.2 released

The StratusLab project is proud to announce the StratusLab 1.2 release. This is an incremental release of the StratusLab distribution, the cloud computing distribution designed for grid and cluster computing.

Key features of StratusLab v1.2

Get Started with StratusLab v1.2

Check out the StratusLab Reference Infrastructure to try out a StratusLab cloud, download the StratusLab Client interface tools at http://www.stratuslab.eu/doku.php/release:users.

Install your own StratusLab cloud

Resource providers install your own public or private cloud with StratusLab 1.2. Find all the documentation and instructions for downloading the software at http://www.stratuslab.eu/doku.php/release:providers.

Documentation and user support

Full documentation for the StratusLab distribution is available at http://www.stratuslab.eu/doku.php/documentation.
You can also view and comment on the StratusLab project roadmap at http://www.stratuslab.eu/doku.php/roadmap:project_roadmap.
Please visit the StratusLab User Forums (https://groups.google.com/a/stratuslab.eu/group/user-forum/topics) where you can report problems, give feedback and discuss StratusLab and Cloud-related issues with StratusLab project members and users.
Alternatively, see our support page (http://www.stratuslab.eu/doku.php/support), or contact support@stratuslab.eu if you have questions or feedback on the StratusLab distribution, or to get access to the StratusLab reference installation.

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