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SUCRE EU-JAPAN Workshop – Research On Clouds And IoT In Europe And Japan: Current Status And Ways To Collaborate

16 May, Brussels, Belgium.

The major scope of this event is to contribute to the EU-Japan dialogue on open and interoperable Clouds that has been taking place. The workshop will also facilitate and foster the knowledge exchange between these two regions, compare success stories and pave the way to future cooperation opportunities between academia and Industry and between key industrial players and policy makers from EU and Japan.

The event will offer to participants the possibility to get informed about current collaboration and research efforts, as it will feature keynotes and project presentations from both regions, while its Round Table format, taking place in the afternoon, will ensure the highest possible interaction and involvement of all participants and speakers.

Researchers and practitioners from industry interested in cutting edge developments in the area of Cloud computing will have the opportunity to hear from leading European and Japanese research projects about state of the art technological solutions related to all the above. They will also have the chance to hear and discuss about concrete collaboration opportunities between the two regions.

Last but not least, the outcome the workshop will contribute to the discussion between EU and MIC/NICT about the identification of future Research topics in the area of Cloud for the upcoming calls with Japan under H2020.

To find out more about the event and its agenda please visit http://www.sucreproject.eu/content/sucre-eu-japan-workshop-%E2%80%93-research-clouds-and-iot-europe-and-japan-current-status-and-ways

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