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Volunteer Computing Survey

We are looking for people who have experience in setting up or administrating distributed technologies (clouds, grids, clusters) in a certain organization (university, research project) to fill up a 5 minutes survey. Your experience with volunteer computing and other distributed computing infrastructures can provide us with important insights into this matter.

Volunteer Computing provides low-cost computing power for research projects whose results may have a scientific or humanitarian benefit. Up to now this model has typically been sustained through research grants paying for development and implementation within by the research group, although other models, such as corporate philanthropy, have also been successfully applied. The Citizen Cyberscience Centre, based at CERN, is interested in exploring new business models that would open perspectives for many research groups not currently using Volunteer Computing, by lowering the barrier to entry.

The results of this survey will be published in an online report and, with your consent, we will acknowledge your input in the report. If you prefer to provide your data anonymously, please indicate that at the end of this survey. One respondent to this survey will be chosen at random for a prize of a CERN sweatshirt.

To start the survey go to:


More information: Daniela Dorneanu, CERN OpenLab Student, email: daniela.dorneanu(at).cern.ch

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