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VPH2012 conference - the cutting edge of computer models of human physiology

Call for abstracts

VPH2012: Integrative approaches to computational biomedicine

the Virtual Physiological Human initiative scientific sessions 2012 (London, 18-20 Sept 2012)

conference website: http://www.vph-noe.eu/vph2012

Abstracts and workshops

Abstract submissions due 1 February 2012

Workshop applications due 5 December 2011

VPH2012 will be an international conference on computational biomedicine, with a clear focus on the integrative aspects of VPH. Special attention will be given to the 'Digital Patient' as well as 'health forecasts'. VPH2012 aims at reaching outside of the VPH community to other equally important communities: systems biology and genomics. This conference will encompass all possible scales to model physio/pathology with a clear ICT focus.


Early bird registration (until 1 July 2012): € 450 (students €300)

After 1 July 2012: € 550 (students €450)

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