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7th International Women in HPC workshop

The 7th International Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) workshop at SC17 in Denver brings together the HPC community to discuss the growing importance of increasing diversity in the workplace.

The underrepresentation of women is a challenge that the entire supercomputing industry faces. Research shows that diverse teams increase productivity, so addressing the lack of gender diversity is as important to the community as reaching exascale. The HPC community is currently not even measuring how ‘leaky’ our pipeline is, but attrition rates likely align with the general tech community figures: 41% of women working in tech eventually end up leaving the field (compared to just 17% of men). This workshop is a key step in addressing one aspect of the underrepresentation of women: helping to retain the women that are already in the field and provide them with the tools to prosper and excel.

As the largest conference in the world for HPC, we will work with SC to improve diversity on a broader platform than any other conference or organisation has the opportunity to do in this field. This workshop has provided a key platform for this progressive change to grow and flourish over the past 3 years and we will continue this in 2017.

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