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Securing and Supporting Research Projects: Facilitation Design Patterns

Additional Fee Preconference Workshop, part of the Security Professionals Conference 2019

This workshop will help prepare security professionals to support sponsored research projects. It provides an overview of how research operates within Universities; teaches facilitation skills for working with faculty; and provides guidance on how to develop a project specific security plan that meets the requirements of NSD, DoD, and other sponsoring organizations. Working with actual researchers, participants will learn to navigate the gap between the traditional top-down approach to security and the practicalities of everyday research lab infrastructures. This workshop is organized by the ResearchSOC project (researchsoc.iu.edu - NSF award 1840034). The ResearchSOC project is focused on bringing together the diverse information security and research communities by fostering the mutual understanding of perspectives.


  • Understand how research projects differ from classic enterprise administrative environments
  • Obtain facilitation skills for working with faculty and researchers
  • Learn how to use specific tools and templates designed for working with research projects
Monday, May 13 | 1:00p.m. - 4:30p.m. CT | Vevey 4, Second Floor Event Centre
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Preconference Workshop

Learn more and register for the conference and workshop >> (separate registration required for the workshop)

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