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Security Professionals Conference 2019

The Security Professionals Conference is the premier forum for connecting with higher education information security and privacy professionals.

This is the one higher ed event that gives participants a chance to network and discuss information security and privacy trends and current issues with peers and solution providers over three days.

Whether Chicago earned the "Windy City" nickname from the cool breezes coming off Lake Michigan or the loquaciousness of its politicians, it has certainly brought the "Winds of Change" we face in our profession to the forefront of our minds. The pace of change has never been slow in the information security and privacy fields, but we are currently facing gale force shifts in all facets of higher education: social changes affecting the way we work and interact with our communities (diversity and inclusion, filling our technology and leadership roles, retrofitting privacy), paradigm shifts in how organizations affect change (DevOps, going "cloud native"), and the new technologies that promise to blow away old solutions and methods (AI/ML, ZeroTrust, containers).

Don't miss this opportunity to network with colleagues and learn about the latest information security, privacy, and risk management innovations, strategies, and collaborations in higher ed. Workshops, track sessions, and lightning talks will cover a broad range of skill levels and topics, both technical and strategic. Join your peers in Chicago, IL, May 13–15 for the 2019 Security Professionals Conference.

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