Feature - What you said about iSGTW

Feature - What you said about iSGTW

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The results from our 2009 readership survey are in, thanks to all of you who participated. Your feedback will help us ensure that iSGTW continues to publish articles every week which you enjoy reading.

As with our previous surveys, the results indicate that most of our readers are male (82%), regular readers (82%) and between 30 and 40 years old. We have, however, seen a significant increase in readership from scientists/researchers, who now account for 51% of our total readership. (Just six months ago, it was 35%.)

Most readers (78%) are happy with the length of our articles, and respondents indicated that they would otherwise prefer longer articles to shorter ones. Over half of the people who supplied additional comments indicated that they wanted iSGTW to remain much as it is.

Most of you like the diversity of the subjects we cover, and articles about scientific research are now more popular than those on purely grid technology. One respondent remarked "Please keep a broad mix of things; whilst I have my specialties, I like to see what other people are doing too."

We also observed an increased demand for articles about atmospheric science. When offered to suggest other subjects you would like to see covered more, high-energy physics, clouds and grids, medical imaging, finance, humanities, "unusual applications" and "disaster mitigation" were all proposed. One respondent wrote "anything and everything." iSGTW will continue to try to cover a wide range of subject areas.

The results show that 68% of you have read the Jobs in grid section at some point, so we hope that those of you who do find it worthwhile.

Overall the feedback was positive, with four times as many positive comments as negative ones and many in the vein of "keep up the good work."

We always welcome suggestions of how to improve however, and the survey brought to our attention that some of our iSGTW emails are too large in size (1 megabyte). We have identified and solved the problem, so all iSGTW emails should be in the 200-300 kilobyte range from now on.

So, we are listening, and will make every effort to make future issues of iSGTW as interesting, varied and enjoyable as possible for you.

If you participated in the survey you might be a winner of some Gridcafe memorabilia. We have already randomly selected our winners, so keep an eye out for us in your inbox!

-Seth Bell, iSGTW