iSGTW Feature - AmieGold for TeraGrid from LSU

Feature - AmieGold, "ton amie" in TeraGrid

Image courtesy of LONI

It is now easier to add a computing resource to TeraGrid.

Steven Brandt, a researcher with the Louisiana State University Center for Computation and Technology, developed a tool to help bridge local and central accounting data.

End users want easy access to multiple sets of resources. This is only possible when account and allocation data from the sites are synchronized and uploaded to a central manager. AMIE, a tool that provides software and protocols for distributing account and allocation data, serves this function for TeraGrid. Resource providers must install accounting systems locally, and integrate them to work with AMIE, not always a straightforward operation.

The lucky TeraGrid resource providers that use the Gold Allocation Manager just got a break.

"AmieGold provides a bridge between AMIE and Gold. TeraGrid sites can install both programs simultaneously and add their systems to the TeraGrid quickly and easily," Brandt says.

The TeraGrid is distributing Brandt's software, called AmieGold, as a tar file.

Brandt developed the software through his work with the CCT Cyberinfrastructure Development Division. This organization leads the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative's participation in the TeraGrid as one of eleven national resource providers. LONI joined the TeraGrid in the fall of 2007, and the LONI centerpiece computing resource, Queen Bee, became accessible to TeraGrid users in February 2008.

Click on this whimsical queen bee to see the real Queen Bee at LSU: a 50.7 TFlops Peak Performance 668 node Dell PowerEdge 1950 cluster running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 operating system.

"We've been very happy with the support we received from the existing TeraGrid resource providers to help us get Queen Bee quickly integrated into the TeraGrid," says Daniel S. Katz, CCT's CyD director. "We hope that AmieGold will make the process even easier for future resource providers."

- Kristen Sunde, LSU Center for Computation & Technology

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