iSGTW Feature - Grids in the Blogosphere

Feature - Grids in the Blogosphere

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Unknown a few years ago, keeping a blog (short for Weblog) is now a major trend, particularly in the technology and IT sectors. The grid domain is no exception. People from many aspects of the grid technology are blogging on their area of work, wider grid-related interests and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Ian Foster, often cited as the father of grid computing, is an active blogger. His blog covers events and news around the Globus project, which he is heavily involved with, as well as broader posts on grid computing and a range of interesting topics, such as his recent musings on an old Joni Mitchell album. Foster's colleague, Tim Freeman writes the Virtualization and Grid Computing blog, which he describes as "On distributed computing, VMs, Web Services, Globus, Xen, Virtual Workspaces, and more." Also in the U.S. academic grid field, TeraGrid director Charlie Catlett's blog, the TeraGrid Whiteboard, covers issues in the tech sector.

Over in Europe, the UK project GridPP, which contributes to both the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE infrastructure and the Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid collaboration, has blogs for each of its regional sites. These include SouthGrid, ScotGrid and London Grid as well as central blog on GridPP operations. Each one is contributed to by the people working in that center, and covers the more technical aspects of their work. In a similar vein, Steve at CERN blogs about his technical work on grid operations and software at CERN.

In the commercial sector, there a wide range of blogs covering grids and related technologies. Sun Microsystems has several grid-related blogs, including their Sun HPC Watercooler and a more technical blog, about their open source Grid Engine project. 3tera, a grid company who recently launched a free Grid University, also have two blogs on their website: Hot Cluster by Bert Armijo and Off Message by Vlad Miloushev.

Blogs have been used to give up-to-the-minute news on major events. GridToday posts regular updates from events such as GridWorld 2006. On the academic side, a number of members of CERN staff blogged on the 'Faces and Places behind the Grid' at SuperComputing '06 through the GridCast website.

From individuals, entrepreneur John Powers runs the Powers Unfiltered blog focusing on his collaboration with Microsoft and work on Grid computing with Digipede Technologies. Digipede's Dan Ciruli also blogs through the West Coast Grid. Nirmal Ranganathan from India runs the Grid Chakra blog on enterprise grid computing, while IT consultant Martin MacLeod runs Blade Watch,

These blogs show the breadth of the field, from technical blogs on the guts of the big academic grids to entrepreneurs blogging about their new grid businesses. iSGTW will keep up to date on the world of grid blogging, and if any readers blog about their work we'd be pleased to hear about them.

-Owen Appleton, EGEE
iSGTW Contributing Editor