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Link of the week - Gridipedia: the European grid marketplace

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What is Gridipedia?

Gridipedia is a knowledge and toolset repository that consists of grid service components and best practices to support European businesses with the uptake of grid technologies. The Gridipedia website is currently seeing large growth and is populated with real grid applications from the BEinGRID project, focused on specific business processes and addressing current customer needs and requirements. It is now seen as public source of information on application of grid technologies in a business context.

According to Santi Ristol, Services Area Manager at Atos Origin, "Gridipedia is the European grid meeting point of the future - a repository for business case studies and best practice guides where grid players can find solutions and partners."

Gridipedia differs from other grid repositories

Gridipedia currently holds a wealth of business-oriented information based on the insights of two specialist teams-one technical, one business-that have been analyzing successful grid implementations in real business scenarios.

All content must pass stringent tests for submission, ensuring that it really delivers on its promises. By ensuring that all hosted material has business relevance and can be traced to a real use scenario, Gridipedia avoids the "technology-push" problem of many repositories. As a business-pull repository, it also seeks out key contributions from third parties.

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