Link of the week - The Dagdigian Doctrine

Link of the week - The Dagdigian Doctrine

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What's old news? What's exciting now? What's down the road?

What's just hype?

In the opening keynote of the 2009 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo last April in Boston, Chris Dagdigian told it as he saw it. A founding partner for the BioTeam IT consultancy, he delivered an educated assessment of the best, the worthwhile, and the most overhyped information technologies for the life sciences.

Ken Davies covers Dagdigian's talk in You'll only find a few highlights from the article here . . .

What does Dagdigian think is dead?

"Unlimited data storage is over," he noted, according to Davies. Dagdigian asserted that it is simply not possible to back up all data and keep it safe. "Sometimes it's better to go back to the -40 F freezer and repeat the experiment."

What's hot now? He offered virtualization as the "lowest hanging fruit."

Not coming soon, according to his crystal ball: grids and clusters distributing entire virtual memory systems for task execution. It's not practical, argued Dagdigian, but rather a case of "marketing winning out over practical stuff." And "hyped beyond all reasonable measure:" green IT. But it could deliver real electrical savings, he said.

What's worth watching? Federated storage and the trickle down of best practices from Amazon, Google and others. There are signs, he said, that the secrets may be revealed to benefit everybody.

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